Berkenaan hidup...

Learn to say NO. Learn to LET GO.

2010 is...hhmm...

Wow. It's been 5 months and 11 days since I last updated my blog. I was this close, THIS CLOSE (buat gaya cubit) to terminating my blog forever. But, there are requests by friends here and there asking me to update it. Thing is, since 5 months ago, it is almost impossible to update it due to lack of time. (Ok, maybe aku sorang je tak gheti nak bahagi masa hahaha)

Anyways, a lot of things had happened since I entered the Hons programs. I've met a lot of nice, genuine people and I also found out that LLB can bring the worst out of you. No, seriously. I'm talking about the times when friends become foes, or strangers. Like, their tigers were unleashed all of a sudden. But not good tigers. hahaha. Bak kata orang Melayu, keluar dah belang masing-masing. Lol. All in all, I've built some good memories with the peeps. And managed to re-build new ones with old friends.

Talking about LLb, oh man..mana nak start pun tak tau. It's true what they say, it's hell man. Your life revolves around stress, fighting with time, lack of sleep. You cry a lot (Ok, I admit...haha) struggling with the deadlines etc. Memang a life of a zombie I tell you. Tapi, best. Seriously. Kin, if you baca my post, jangan takut wokeh! You can do it! Tapi sumpa I bagitau you, masuk LLb xsempat nak procrastinate tau! haha. hols turned out not bad at all. Im officially the maid at home..(Productive sket kehidupan) I get to spend time with my friends every week. It's all good. Kena maki dengan mak tu biasela kan? hehe. I've been exercising too! Xdela rasa guilty makan cheese cake Mama buat wahahaha..And it's World Cup season!! I'm rooting for Spain & Argentina! Woot woot!!

Btw, Can't wait for Phuket! Soo looking forward to it!! ;)

I fell in love with a drummer, drummer

How can you not fall in love with this guy? Such an incredibly talented lad! So creative, soo good looking ;)
This is him playing one of my favourite songs by Avenged Sevenfold. Cobus Potgieter - Bat Country

Lost in translation

"Wondering why life seems to hate me so much...It's like one big dark whirl pool in an abyss. I can't find myself. Help me." -Jasmine Zulkifli, 2007

Hidup dalam h.i.t.a.m.p.u.t.i.h

Baru 3 hari in LLB Hons Part 1 dah rasa nak mati. Thanks.

Teringat, terbaca, tersenyum...

I just dug my sister's old post and I found this. The day that I will never forget during my trip to Langkawi with my fellow Environmental Law class March 2008.

Scared, a lil bit courageous and bravery, out of my mind kinda thing. Above all, I saved a life. And I held my head up high, baby! Haha. This was our sister to sister conversation. Excuse our retardedness :P

And when the hero comes along...

*SMS, between a sister and her eldest sister*

Somewhat like this:

Along : Weh2 kau tau tak sal misi Baywatch aku??

Myself : Haha ma dah cite. Blagak kau. Terpakse aku gtau sume rakan2 yang kenal mahupun tidak. Dush. Haha.

Along : Agak takut r time tuh. Sebaik aku tak lemas sekali

Myself : Eleh klau kau lemas aku akn dtg serta-merta mmpraktikkn CPR yg bru msuk PBL. (It’s time for me to shine!) Wakakak. Aku tau kau slmtkan org, tapi tatau d exact story. Cemanenye?

Along : Haha bongok! Aku nk mulut bwg je…(mulan..hold on…<-- ignore us, we really like to bahan org. This is General Shang from Mulan btw).cmni citenye. Aku naek bot open air. Ktrg dr pulau laen mse tu, ada island hoppingla. Patu mase smpai kt tmpt kejadian (pulau beras bsh), time2 bot nk b’labuh bg ktrg turun, ktrg dgr org jerit ‘help,help’ patu aku bole lg bwat lwk. Aku imitate *'cowmenga2’, tp mase 2 xtgk pn org yg jerit 2 sbb aku m’blkgi die. Patu aku pusing ah. Die jerit agy ‘help2 my fren…D other side’ die jerit kat ade a few Indian guys kat ctu…depan die je…tp sume org wat bodo, so ktrg sume igtkan die maen2. Lgpn bf pmpuan lemas 2 ade kt sblh die je. Patu aku tgk minah 2. Die dh tkapai2 dlm air kot! *Ape lg, aku cmpk backpack aku, smpt tggl slipar,trus terjun dr bot. Patu tarik die g shore. Sebbaik tgh pkai life jacket. Mase dkt2 nk smpai shore 2 ade ah kwn laki aku tlg tarik kn. Mase tu aku letih gle n tekezut kot. Die xjauh sgt tau, tp tmpt minah tu mandi steep, sbb bot blabuh. Dats y die xsdar kot. Dhla mase aku tarik sume dok bsorak. *Sorg pn xtlg ak bongek tol. Sume ckp bf die stupid.mmg stone gile weyh! Gf die lmas, die xbuat pape pn! Xtlg jerit pn. Tp mmg ah die pn tgh selamtkan dr sndr mase 2, tmpt 2 dlm…tp mmg xgne nye laki ah. Mase aku tarik ppuan 2, die gtau 'my bf cannot pull me...' Patu aku tanak bg die lemaskan aku, aku ckp ‘dun wory , I’ve a life jacket , juz hold onto me’ pastu die pn relax..*Hebatkan?Heroic n dramatic kan? Haha. Rilek je aku. (*Excuse my sister. Otak fikirannya mmg terlalulah senget)

(Seriously?The messages sent (3times) are this loooongggg. Gile kan, ahahaha)

Myself : Waaaaahhh! Mesti diorg clash kan pastuh. Sian, dah dekat nak kawen dah (pehal cite sndr) kih3. Ecey wehhh. Kemain la kau. Bangge aku! Muahaha! Crdt aku nak habes tp. Congrats kayh! Ape je kau. Gnite!

Along : Haha tq tq.. :D K pasni sume tgk Baywatch k ahahaha. K dik. Nnt kalau aku slmtkan ikan from lemas lg, aku bgtau k haha. Tc! Nyte! Kemslm sume…


P/S: Thanks ah wey for posting this up in your blog ;)
Now I remember how that day turned out to be exactly :D

Happy 21st GEMZ!

To my






sister, I wish you a Happy 21st Birthday!! Semoga kumis kau gugur selalu...hahaha