Winning is my new mission!

Ever since World Stage, I've found myself obsessing over contests. Lets just say, trying my luck in winning.
One of the few websites recommended by a friend of mine is Heck, the prizes are not bad and guess what? I've won 3 out of 6 contests that I entered!!! That's like 50-50 chances of winning! How lucky am I? Everytime dapat e-mail from Junk, hatiku berdebar-debar memikirkan hadiah yang telah ku menangi...muahahaha
These are the prizes that I won thanks to Junk!

1) GRAFFI-TEE T-SHIRT!! (each worth 90 bucks yo!)

Hey there!

Congratulations, you lucky devil! We've received your entries for our
"Graffi Tee" contest and you are one of our winners!
Please come to the office anytime between 10am - 12pm or 2pm - 6pm on
weekdays to collect your redemption letter.

The redemption letter will enable you to redeem your prizes from Graffi
Tee outlets (The Gardens and Suria KLCC only).

Best regards,
Junk Team.


Hi Azhani,

Congratulations! You have just won yourself the SECOND PRIZE, for the Jennifer’s Body Premiums contest featured in our October issue of JUNK.

Your SECOND PRIZE consists of:

1 X Jennifer’s Body T-shirt
1 X Double Movie Passes

Do drop by our office to pick up your prize!


Hi Azhani,

Congratulations! You have just won yourself the CONSOLATION PRIZE, for the Onitsuka contest featured in our October issue of JUNK.

Your CONSOLATION PRIZE is an Onitsuka Tiger Cash Voucher worth RM50

--> I have yet to pick up the voucher..Oh man, Fit is gonna be soo jealous! Hahaha!

Therefore, I am now a girl on a mission. A mission to win every penny, every freebie that God, and companies like Junk & Klue Mags have provided. Karpet merah telah pun dibentangkan. So what are we waiting for? Gagagaga

Anyway, last week, a woman has just won herself RM11,700 by winning the Fly FM's end bit contest. The clue was a TV show theme and the answer was...sigh...I should've known...It was my favourite show!!! I need the moolah!! Lucky biatch. Anyway, the answer was, COW & Chicken!! How ironic. It was supposed to be my show! I should get it! Me! Damn. Cerita yg parents dia xde kepala, tunjuk kaki tu je. Aaaarrggghh!!
So, I guess, di kala cuti-cuti ini, untuk mengisi kekosongan jiwa yang merana di rumah kerana kebosanan, marilah kita sama-sama menunaikan hajat untuk menang. It's easier than skim cepat kaya I tell youalls. Best dowh menang. Puas hati. hahahaha.
So, I already have FlyFM's number on speed dial. I'll be waiting beside my house phone for every cue-to-call. I'll check out Fly's updates on Twitter. Just you wait and see. Miahahahaha

P.s. I shall update this post with the picture of my Onitsuka voucher very soon :D
P.s.s. Mesti lepas ni kena kutuk sebab siap letak email from Junk. Yeebaaa!

I wish...

I wish to be one in a million. THE ONE.

The one that stands out in the crowd. :D