Berkenaan hidup...

Learn to say NO. Learn to LET GO.

2010 is...hhmm...

Wow. It's been 5 months and 11 days since I last updated my blog. I was this close, THIS CLOSE (buat gaya cubit) to terminating my blog forever. But, there are requests by friends here and there asking me to update it. Thing is, since 5 months ago, it is almost impossible to update it due to lack of time. (Ok, maybe aku sorang je tak gheti nak bahagi masa hahaha)

Anyways, a lot of things had happened since I entered the Hons programs. I've met a lot of nice, genuine people and I also found out that LLB can bring the worst out of you. No, seriously. I'm talking about the times when friends become foes, or strangers. Like, their tigers were unleashed all of a sudden. But not good tigers. hahaha. Bak kata orang Melayu, keluar dah belang masing-masing. Lol. All in all, I've built some good memories with the peeps. And managed to re-build new ones with old friends.

Talking about LLb, oh man..mana nak start pun tak tau. It's true what they say, it's hell man. Your life revolves around stress, fighting with time, lack of sleep. You cry a lot (Ok, I admit...haha) struggling with the deadlines etc. Memang a life of a zombie I tell you. Tapi, best. Seriously. Kin, if you baca my post, jangan takut wokeh! You can do it! Tapi sumpa I bagitau you, masuk LLb xsempat nak procrastinate tau! haha. hols turned out not bad at all. Im officially the maid at home..(Productive sket kehidupan) I get to spend time with my friends every week. It's all good. Kena maki dengan mak tu biasela kan? hehe. I've been exercising too! Xdela rasa guilty makan cheese cake Mama buat wahahaha..And it's World Cup season!! I'm rooting for Spain & Argentina! Woot woot!!

Btw, Can't wait for Phuket! Soo looking forward to it!! ;)