Welcome to your new home, Oleen!

This is Shaggy. The cat who entered our house one day and terus buat macam rumah sendiri. She's very independent. She's hiding behind her camouflage. She thinks Rico could not detect her right away. Yes, they were playing hide and seek.

Here's Rico the over-manja male cat. All he does is sit back and relax. He eats every 10minutes. And as you can see, He likes to lean back like cina kalah judi. Perasan human being.

This is Olen/Oleen (Im not sure how to spell it nor how to call her name). She is 5 months old and a new family member. She too, eats a lot. Bulu dia macam karpet. Saya suka benamkan muka saya dalam bulu dia yang best tu. Mama kata dia comel sebab muka dia comot. Hmmm..

Olen/Oleen is originated from 'Orange'. Tetapi telah di-pelatkan. 'Creative' sungguh original owner dia ni bagi nama -_-". But that's ok, 'cos she already knows her name. No need to change it. Ouh, tengok kaki dia! Pakai alternate socks haha! I'll upload the pictures of her feet soon ;)

worth every titik-peluh penny

Pandangan sisi

Pandangan belakang

Pandangan hadapan

Finally!! Dah dapat allowance/gaji after 6 weeks+ waiting (after mogok at the office tak bercakap langsung with anyone).

Itu pun dapat at the eleventh hour. Just before balik. Damn. Went straight to Shah Alam mall to buy a new phone with Nina and Amad ;) Thanx a lot guys! Dpt lepas geram aku hahaha. Orang lain shopping, aku beli phone wakakaka

Anyway, it's not a new model, it's last year's and it's
Sony Ericsson! wtf? (siapa2 yang kenal moo2 will understand :P)

Why a new phone, you ask? Here's why.

1. Sebab my extra phone dah rosak so I
need a new one.
2. Dah
4 tahun tak tukar handphone.
3. I wanna buy something with my
salary/side income
4. I think I
deserve it :)

Why not
Blackberry or i-phone? Well, I want them. But...I don't need 'em. :)

So upon request, here are the pictures hehehe..

P/s. Thanks soo much to those who ordered my kek batik. Anda semua telah merealisasikan impian saya. hahaha

Masa itu Emas

We talk more, doesn't mean we are close.

We talk less, doesn't mean we have lost contact.

Time is on our side, so use it wisely; because time flies by really fast.


These past few days, saya dah ter-hooked dengan lagu 'You belong with me-Taylor Swift' and 'Hysteria-Muse' and oh! 'Careless Whisper cover-Seether'..

You belong with me
Oleh sebab 2 bulan lalu, ia terlalu overrated dan overplayed on the radio, I chose to listen to it this time around. Some people may think that I'm ketinggalan or whatever, but who cares. Kalau layan awal2 mesti cepat irritated.

I like the part where she says "She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts...She wears high heels, I wear sneakers..." Those words truly define me. Haha! Except that being me, (as always) I would create my own lyrics to any songs that caught my attention so I wrote this "She went naked, I eat snickers...She's cheer captain and I'm kek batik maker..." and sent it to Dimmy (die gelak kat kelas kuat2 sorang2 sampai orang lain pandang dia sebelah mata) well at least it rhymes with the song -_-"

Start dengar lagu ni balik sebab Elly asked me to play this song. The drums. During jamming sessions. *tembak mati diri sendiri* Jadi saya download drum cover kat You Tube and belajar dari video berkenaan. Sabar kay Elly..5 tahun je lagi ;) Tapi Muse memang terbaik. Sekian.

Careless Whisper
Have loved this song ever since the first time I heard it. Tapi Adik just told me about Seether's cover of the song. Memandangkan saya memang suka dengar song covers made by other bands/singers, saya pun download la..Not bad really. Rock version, sesuai dengan jiwa raga seekor lembu..Eh. Seorang lembu :P

P/s. Walaupun di bulan puasa yang mulia ni tak baik melalak2, akan tetapi...nafsu menyanyi mengaburi diri...Apakan daya...

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnttt!!!!

Can't someone buy one of these for me? One je, tak banyak pun..




Adakah hati Moo2 sudah terbuka semula setelah sekian lama?

Mungkinkah? Since when? Is this for real?

I myself am still not sure. Too early to tell.

But...jeng jeng jeng. Old feelings come rushing in. Uh-oh...

At least I can assure myself that I am normal after all for not having a crush on someone or something to look forward to for a verrryyy looooongg timeeee...Or at least, semi-normal.
Even so, saya dah ada matlamat hidup baru. Miahahaha!

Chasing shadows of rainbows? Hmmm...

It's funny how a simple smiley emoticon could cheer you up for the rest of the day. How a text message can turn your life around for a brief moment. Boost your energy unlike Gatorade. Light up your mood even when you're having your PMS. Put a smile on your face and keep on smiling like an idiot the whole way. Colours your black and white life.

It's even funnier when a simple act of gesture like a big fat hug, or a peck on the cheek could bring back old memories in a swoosh of time. The good, old memories..spent together without any regrets, doubts or hassles whatsoever. Laughters and jokes were the main course. Totally change your life by making everything bearable. Even when you're stressing yourself out.. You know you can get through it no matter what. You just need the right person to go to and everything will be okay after that.

But, it isn't funny anymore when you know that that feeling can be crushed in a matter of seconds. Tick,tock,tick,tock. The clock is ticking. The bomb is waiting to explode. Anytime soon. Adrenalin's pumping. Bungee-jumping or Solero Space Shot in Genting couldn't be worse than this!? Then silence. Everything just went kaput. And you can't recall what just happened. It happened so fast that it just proved the theory that time does not wait for anyone. Oh yeah. It's even faster than those F1 racing cars, that I'm sure of.

Then you just realised...That you're chasing rainbows that's not even there anymore. No sparkles. No rain. No sunshine. No beautiful colours in the sky to tell you that it's gonna be a great day. Those days were long gone. Now you're just chasing shadows of the past that you know you can't hold on to.

It's time to let go. Regardless of what they say. This paper heart here won't heal in a matter of seconds. It takes months or years to heal the wound/puncture/hole/defect. I don't care what you're gonna say. But I can tell you this. I'm slowly picking up the pieces and patiently putting them back together. Time will heal. No need for anti-depressants or sleeping pills. Na-ah.

Thanks for the memories. I'm sure we are made for great things in life. Or at least, I'm sure you are. Good luck in everything, especially your new hope and future. We are going to be fine. Totally. I still have faith in you. So no betrayals this time!

P/S. We're still friends, aren't we? ;P

Bisnes Kek Batik ku berkembang luas ;)


Thanks for the support guys! Keep the orders coming in!

Jangan lupa, raya dah nak dekat so order la banyak2 ahahaha..

Pictures will be uploaded soon ;)

If you want to place your order, do give me a call or leave me a text message.

It comes in three sizes. Small(18 pieces) : RM8
Medium(36 pieces) : RM15
Large(1 whole caserole) : RM35

To my regular customers: Nina, Leez, Nas, Kin, Geng ALSOC..Thank you! You guys are the true cookie monsters! :P

Don't matter anymore?

It hurts when you don't matter to some people anymore like you used to,ain't it? Sigh..

"So bottle up old love, throw it out to sea. Watch it away as you cry. A year has passed. The seasons go." -My paper heart

P/S: Mama adopt another cat? Oh my..

MTV World Stage Aug 15,2009

Seriously, it was ONE HELLUVA NIGHT!!! I really did enjoy myself jumping here and there(pijak2 kaki orang) sang along to the songs(terpekik terlolong je banyak) headbanging(sampai tengkuk terseliuh). I was really glad i went to the concert. Tinggalkan segala masalah dunia di belakang hehe..

Went to Sunway around 5pm to redeem the tickets, then went straight to UM for Lia's convocation. Bertolak to Sunway again around 7pm+. Yes, I missed Estranged, Boys Like Girls and free t-shirts!! Grrr!!

Honestly, Hoobastank and AAR were epic! Enjoyed their peformances the most. The Ghostbusters theme by Hoobastank? Genius! Haha. Tyson Ritter was fucking energetic. I bet he was high that time. Loved 'the wind blows' and 'it ends tonight'.
The starting piano was awesome. He really knows how to interact with the crowd. "Say yeah..YEAH!" "Say oh yeah..OH YEAH!!" LOL.

Pixie Lott
was okay, considering saya hanya tahu lagu "Mama Do Uh Oh Uh Oh" jer hahaa.."It's soooo hot up here! I bet you guys down there are hot too!" haha hot tahap tak bernafas kot! Nyanyi jelaa part uh oh uh oh tu..And it turned out that I was not the only one okay haha!

was surprisingly enjoyable. Paling takley blah, bila dah habis nyanyi the last song baru nak tanya, "Malaysia!!!! Apa khabar?" Then he went off the stage. hahaha whattha??

The place was really packed I tell you. Pastu ada gak la makhluk bangang pegi smoke tengah2 crowd macam cibai even though dah kena kutuk bagai. Ada gakla lagi bodoh bwk box and panjat,towering over everybody else yang nak tengok jugak. Inconsiderate, blind, deaf, and plain stupid. Fucking idiots.

Anyway, Izzah and I didn't stay for Kasabian. Had to force my cramped legs to keep walking and my empty stomach to be patient. Letih gila. Cannot breathe, panas and terpaksa berpusu-pusu dengan orang2 semi-naked yang budget hott bila peluh. Sigh..

Tak banyak gambar were taken. But the experience was more than enough.

Here are some of the photos that we managed to take with a camera phone(bodoh betul ingatkan tak bole bawak camera langsung, tengok2 professional camera je tak boleh. Digicam biasa boleh.Pungkok!)

In the nick of time.

I was very lucky indeed. I still want you guys to be there :( You know who you are.

Next step: Buy masks!!

UiTM Bangsat

Aku memang BENCI kat UiTM ok!!

Apa ke bangsat sangat diorang ni?

Sibuk sangat ngan politics and shit sampai lupa kat students yang terkapai-kapai

Kata nak jadi world class university!

Yang aku nampak, misai je makin lama makin rapi disikat. Bontot makin banyak dicium dan dihidu.

Mana dia policy yang so called people-friendly tu?

Students sendiri pun kena layan macam sampah.

Kalau pasal duit, bukan main cepat je mintak. Bukannya sikit, banyak kot!

Surat or any notices semua bagi last minute macam cibaii. Bila students dapat lambat, salahkan students jugak. Apa ke babi nya semua nih?

Sekarang ni, aku dah bukan pelajar UiTM. Yang ko suruh aku bayar yuran part 7 tu kenapa? Tak sudah sudah lagi ke cekik darah?

Aku dah lepas supplementary paper. Kenapa dalam transcript masih tertera "pengajian tidak tamat"?? Korang ni semua nak mati ke? Ke tak buat kerja je?

Kawan kawan aku sume da dapat surat convo bulan Oct ni. Diorang BARU je dapat. And it states that they have to reply by 14th Aug. What the fuckk??

Benda2 penting camni, lenkali bagitau la awal2..Budak2 yang duduk jauh tu camne? Kesian kot..Menyusahkan orang je..

Where's my letter god damn it? I passed the stupid paper and I've finished my fucking degree.

Don't you mess with me. I've had enough with Ptptn last time, you money-sucking people!

Let me grad in peace for god's sake!!!

P/S. Aku nak guna kaler merah menandakan betapa bengangnye aku skarang

Hold my hand, lead the way

I just had that dream last night.
The same one I've been having every once in a while since 9 months ago.
Twice or thrice a month.
THE dream. Sigh.

When is it gonna end?
Am I forgiven?
Have I moved on?
Is that particular person still mad at me?
Used to wake up in the middle of the night with teary-eyes
We fought again and again, and I cried every single time
Why is it so hard to let go of someone you love and really care for?
Are they blind? Can't they see? Or are they just choosing not to care?
What happen to the beautiful memories that we have shared?
Don't they mean anything at all?

I just want things to be OK between us.
I know that you have changed, but things don't have to change if you don't want them to.
I miss you a lot, I really do.
I just wish that I can reset my life the way I want it to be.
If I knew that it would hurt this much, I'd erase them all and then erase you.
I would.

Don't look back in anger

This is surprisingly true.

Expect the unexpected.

A broken heart is the worse feeling ever.

Me? I just need to find my way home. And be at peace.

OMG My New COWbsession!!!!

hahahaha I'm sorry Haley Joel Osment! Cows and grass do think otherwise

Simon Cowell? omg American Cow-dol Cendol

hahahahahahahahaha damn i love this one!

That includes me!

Lol I thought they drink milk at cow-bars..Beer pun ok!

Some of my favourites by my new favourite artist-THE STIK ;)

3 weeks and counting (for the money LOL)

From left: Nina, Kak Zima, Kak Ain, Kak Yam! Missing: Kak Nisa, Lyiana n lawyers

Sha's first week!

"Hello!~ Dianna Noor and Partners.. :P

Lyiana! I miss you!!

Summons..Registered posts..Letters..Judgments = Slaves at work! LOL

My life since three weeks ago ;)
Getting the hang of it.

Pictures courtesy of Nina Alyssa and Lyiana Ruslan.