Everybody Loves Raymond

Have you watch it? This sitcom cracks me every time. Just watched one of the episodes in Season One for the third time and man, I laughed my ass off!!


*When Ray discovers that the diamond in Debra's wedding ring is a fake, he finds a way to steal the ring so he can replace the stone, unaware that she replaced the diamond with a real one after their wedding. They fought over it once the truth comes out. Then, their daughter Ally (maybe when she was around 6 years old), came downstairs to show them a Valentine's card a friend had made her.* (It was a Valentine's day, indeed)

Ally : Look what Kenny gave me. *shows them a half heart-shaped card*
Ray and Debra : Oooh..A valentine's card..*opens it*
Ray : With a gum in it..
Ally : Kenny blow a gum into it and gave it to me.
Debra : That's so sweet! aww..Now go upstairs sweetheart, I'll be right up in just a minute.
Ray : *After Ally left* Cheap bastard.

How can you not love this show???! LOL

P/s. I love watching shows with a dysfunctional family in it :D