It's been awhile

Wow...sebulan lebih tak blogging? What is wrong with me? hehe..No time maa...It's ok. I'll try to update everything ASAP! Starting from V's wedding on 10th Oct! Hah! Anyway, dah alang-alang typing nih, the latest contest that I entered is the Sherlock Holmes wannabe contest. All I had to do is take a snap of myself doing a detective pose and get as much friends as possible to vote for me by liking the pic. So, lagi ramai 'like' lagi bagus. My aim is to get in the top 5 at least. The top 10 winners will have to compete at the final stage (cewah!) at e@curve (cineleisure kan lg senang). Ada some sort of detective/criminal hunt..More like a treasure hunt kot...

But anyways, I'm only aiming for the consolation prize which includes 4 premiere movie passes and rm200 goodies. Tu pun da cukup ye daak? Tak perlulah treasure hunt semua tuu haha!
So tomorrow is the due date. Then votes will be counted. Im currently in 2nd place. So that's good news ;) Thanks soo much to my dear friends. Kesian..yang kena paksa tu, sorry la yer hahaha

Here's the pic; kinda blurry, but oh well. It's still recognisable ;)
SherMoo Holmes

Here's my 2nd fav shot:

Haaa...sekian buat masa ini. :D