LLB-Lama Lama...(don't get me started :D)

Yayy, got into the LLB program.

Yayy, so not ready to go back to school after a half year mini holiday. (excluding 3months working period)

Yayy, can't wait to see all my friends!

Yayy, never ending UiTM problems!

Yayy, black & white, 7th heaven.

Yayy, exams, tests & submissions, books.

Yayy, scary lecturers.

Yayy, blue pak guards all over UiTM yang sangat rajin menjalankan kerja menyaman


Goodbye 8hours of sleep.

Goodbye hangouts, mamak at night.

Goodbye life.

Goodbye Facebook, Twitter, Chasing Rainbows.

Goodbye hobbies.

Goodbye Rico, Goodbye Shaggy.

Goodbye holiday.

Goodbye 2009.

Thank YOU God, for this opportunity. I accept this as my second chance to prove myself ;)

Hello, 2010. Please be nice to me. :)