Umar's words

I just recalled some of Umar's few, priceless words and sentences while watching him listening to zikir on tv,(it is khamis mlm jumaat) where mama was upstairs watching Michael Jackson's music videos hahaha oops. Reminisce zaman die kecik-kecik..since tak sedar how big he has grown.

So these are some that I remembered:-

1. He heard his Angah mentioned about 'makanan'(food) so he asked, "Makanan ke Makiri?"

He actually thought that she was referring to right(kanan) and left(kiri)hahaha soo innocent la ini budak..

2. The other one was when he was asked what is 'dahi'(forehead) in English. When he was told that the answer was indeed forehead, he asked again "forehead ke forenine?"

Budak ni clearly dah confuse 'eight' dengan 'head'. So, kalau fore'eight' ada, fore'nine' mestilah ada jugak hahaha.

3. When he was around 3 or 4, he referred 'demam' as 'damuman'. Yeah3 so much for baby talk ;P

4. There was this one time when he heard someone said 'minggu depan'. Then he suddenly asked, "minggu belakang?" bahahaha seriously those words cracked me up everytime.

Umar oh Umar. Along saaayang Umar. Janganlah selalu marah-marah okay? Nanti tak nak belikan kipas!(Kipas is like his second god or something) Dewa kipas si Umar ni.

He is now 9. And still adorable :) The only boy and the youngest. And yes, sangat sangat teramat manja. Hello, baru 9 years old dah ada handphone! Along pun dapat after SPM. Bluegh. Keji betul. Haha


MunkyMonkey said...
July 10, 2009 at 2:34 AM

What? A hand phone already?? Adoi!