MJ fever

Mama is still mad over Michael Jackson. Macam tak boleh terima kenyataan that he had died.

Haritu beli cds and vcds of MJ. Then pasang malam malam. Then sing along. Haishh..Takde can tengok tv.

Yesterday she asked me to buy Passions mag tribute to MJ. Well, she got what she wanted, plus, a free poster of the King of Pop!! Mesti mama happy la tu.

While she was browsing through the mag, dia dok bebel about how some people were cruel, tak nak let him die peacefully by creating stupid rumours about his death..that he's not actually dead, he's somewhere..Agent dia bawak lari.. -_-"""" Something about Neverland..How good he was on stage.."patutlah tiket konsert dia semua laku. Memang terer betul die menari and menyanyi semua. Dahsyat betul MJ nih.."yada yada..yoda yoda..

Wah! suddenly she knows everything! Lol..

Despite all these, he will forever be in our hearts. He will be missed by the world. Rest in peace, MJ.