Chasing shadows of rainbows? Hmmm...

It's funny how a simple smiley emoticon could cheer you up for the rest of the day. How a text message can turn your life around for a brief moment. Boost your energy unlike Gatorade. Light up your mood even when you're having your PMS. Put a smile on your face and keep on smiling like an idiot the whole way. Colours your black and white life.

It's even funnier when a simple act of gesture like a big fat hug, or a peck on the cheek could bring back old memories in a swoosh of time. The good, old memories..spent together without any regrets, doubts or hassles whatsoever. Laughters and jokes were the main course. Totally change your life by making everything bearable. Even when you're stressing yourself out.. You know you can get through it no matter what. You just need the right person to go to and everything will be okay after that.

But, it isn't funny anymore when you know that that feeling can be crushed in a matter of seconds. Tick,tock,tick,tock. The clock is ticking. The bomb is waiting to explode. Anytime soon. Adrenalin's pumping. Bungee-jumping or Solero Space Shot in Genting couldn't be worse than this!? Then silence. Everything just went kaput. And you can't recall what just happened. It happened so fast that it just proved the theory that time does not wait for anyone. Oh yeah. It's even faster than those F1 racing cars, that I'm sure of.

Then you just realised...That you're chasing rainbows that's not even there anymore. No sparkles. No rain. No sunshine. No beautiful colours in the sky to tell you that it's gonna be a great day. Those days were long gone. Now you're just chasing shadows of the past that you know you can't hold on to.

It's time to let go. Regardless of what they say. This paper heart here won't heal in a matter of seconds. It takes months or years to heal the wound/puncture/hole/defect. I don't care what you're gonna say. But I can tell you this. I'm slowly picking up the pieces and patiently putting them back together. Time will heal. No need for anti-depressants or sleeping pills. Na-ah.

Thanks for the memories. I'm sure we are made for great things in life. Or at least, I'm sure you are. Good luck in everything, especially your new hope and future. We are going to be fine. Totally. I still have faith in you. So no betrayals this time!

P/S. We're still friends, aren't we? ;P