Quotes of the Day + Blonde moments

Went to OU just now to attend Zizi's design show/exhibition. It was great! However, it was these moments that made me nearly died of laughter ;P

First Scene

Had late lunch at a Penang food restaurant (forgot its name). This was where it happened.

-Chelly ordered Mee Kari and offered Aloyah some.

Aloyah: Aku taknak banyak..Nak kuah je sket. *Slurps the kuah a few times*

Chelly: Kau jangan makan kuah je, nanti cetek!!!

Aloyah: Cetek??

Me: *Exchange looks with Aloyah* Kuah cetek??? Wahahahahahaha

Second Scene.

On our way back home, in the car. We passed by Giant Hypermarket Section 13 when Chelly saw a mini zoo in the compound.

Chelly: Waah..ada zoo lah! Nak tengok!

Aloyah: Ah! Kecoh la kau ni Chelly. Weyh, korang tau tak kat mana nak cari hamster murah-murah?

Me: Tu kat zoo tu takkan takde?

Aloyah: Dah pegi dah..Takde!

Then Aloyah mentioned about her housemates and their pets.

Aloyah: Nini (Or maybe Ernie,not sure) ada bawak ikan dua ekor tapi dua dua dah mati.

Me: Ya allah..Camne boleh mati?

Chelly: Kawan-kawan aku semua sebok nak bela sugar-glider lah....


Aloyah: Ha! Yang tu lah! Dah mati wey! Sugar apa ntah nama dia.

*Chelly and I exchanged looks and then laughed hysterically*

Me: Sugar-Glider hidup dalam air rupanya!!!

Chelly: Sugar glider ke? Bukan sugar fish?

Me: Sugar fish pon boleh!! hahahaha

Haish...those girls....I just love being with them! :D


Elly Ezani said...
July 19, 2009 at 6:22 PM

moo. sumpah aku gelak guling guling lagi. hahahaha
sayang korang doh. hehehe

Azhani.Azizan said...
July 19, 2009 at 6:41 PM

tau xpe weyh..korg ni mmg hiburan utk aku dowh. LIVE! haha

Adam Harris said...
July 20, 2009 at 9:54 AM

hahaaha~ funny!! =p